A Specialized Service for Quebec’s Ready-to-Wear Industry

A Specialized Service for Quebec’s Ready-to-Wear Industry

The fashion industry is a major player in the Quebec economy, generating some 58,000 jobs in the province and generating sales of approximately $13.7 billion[i].

Transport Moses is therefore very proud to contribute to the vitality of this industry by offering a specialized transportation service for ready-to-wear clothing, from the design factory to the shops throughout the province.


To offset labour shortages, many companies—particularly in the ready-to-wear sector—are outsourcing the transportation of their merchandise from the factory to the points of sale. This solution enables them to focus all their energies on their growth and production activities, without having to manage the many imponderables related to transportation, and this, in turn, helps save time and money.

As a member of your production chain, Transport Moses offers you turnkey transportation service adapted to the requirements of the clothing industry. We look after all aspects of transportation, including personnel management, equipment maintenance, handling and delivery of garments to their destination.

Our experienced delivery personnel will take great care of your merchandise and can travel anywhere in Quebec, from major cities to regional shops. They are familiar with every corner of the province! In addition, with our large fleet of trucks, we can cover a number of regions at the same time and make routes that include many points of sale.


Transport Moses has established a long-standing partnership with some of Quebec’s leading ready-to-wear brands. Our professional, respectful truckers go directly to the factory or warehouse to pick up the clothes. They then begin their rounds, starting in Montreal and surrounding areas, and moving on to the various regions. You can count on their professionalism from start to finish!

Our truckers can also pick up the returns and bring them back to the warehouse. We can start with a shorter route and gradually increase the number of destinations as we continue to work with you. We make deliveries at the frequency that suits you, all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

In addition to our fast service, our customers appreciate the fact that their goods are safe with us and that delivery is guaranteed. They also appreciate our highly personalized, customized service adapted to their needs, that only family-owned businesses like ours can provide.

Let our team of experts take care of all your clothing transportation needs!

[i] https://www.economie.gouv.qc.ca/bibliotheques/le-secteur/mode/presentation-de-lindustrie-de-la-mode